Data Protection Statement

Protecting the personal data that we collect, process and use whenever you visit our website is a key concern for us. Your data is protected under statutory provisions. The information below explains what type of data is collected when you visit the website and how this data is used:

  1. Collecting and processing data
    Every time you access our website or call up a file stored on the website, your actions are logged. This information is saved for internal system-related and statistical purposes. Our system logs the name of the file you have called up, the date and time you did so, the amount of data transferred, a report of a successful call, your web browser and the domain posting the query. The IP addresses of computers posting queries are also logged. Any other personal data is only collected when you provide this voluntarily, for example, when making an enquiry or registering.
  2. The use and forwarding of personal data
    When you provide us with your personal data, we will only use this for responding to your enquiry, for managing any contracts taken out with you or for technical administrative purposes.

    Your personal data will only be forwarded or otherwise transferred to third parties if it is required for managing contracts – in particular where order data needs to be forwarded to suppliers – if it is required for charging purposes or if you have consented to it beforehand. You have the right to revoke your consent at any time with respect to future activities.

    The personal data we have saved on our system will be deleted when you revoke your consent, when it is no longer needed for the purpose for which it was saved or when it is forbidden to save your personal data for any other legal reasons.
  3. Your right to know
    We would be happy to inform you of the personal data we hold for you in response  to a written request from you.

Security: We make every effort to store your personal data in such a way that it is not accessible to third parties by adopting all the available technical and organizational options. When we enter into communication by e-mail, we cannot guarantee that the data is completely secure and would therefore recommend that you send any confidential information to us by post.