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You don't need much to get your technical content across effectively: you just need the right people who understand your issues. And an experienced team of specialists to develop the kind of communications for you that will bring you success. For more than 20 years, FALKATUS has been entrusted by SMEs and major companies with their communications for abstract technical products.


FALKATUS, the specialist agency for marketing and advertising in science and technology, specializes in products that are generally regarded as hard to explain.

Our full service offer is aimed at companies who know that superficial bluster doesn't get you anywhere. Who need an agency like FALKATUS that understands their technologies and products and their applications. Who together with the communications professionals at FALKATUS want to drive forward their branding strategy and develop successful advertising for their abstract products and complex solutions – accurate with the facts, strong on arguments and creative with it!


Our agency is named after Scenedesmus falcatus, an alga that starts with simple building blocks and develops the basis of life for other organisms in an extremely effective process. We take this model of increasing value as our guide when we market your non self-explanatory products.

Our background in science allows us to speak your language and translate technical features into genuine customer benefits. We excel by applying our specialist knowledge and enthusiasm for your issues and content with our marketing expertise and fresh content creativity.

Our expertise is your competitive advantage

Development and sales are often worlds apart. This is where our team of scientists, marketing and sales professionals build bridges.

With sound specialist knowledge, an outsider's take from a distance and a vision of the whole and not just the parts, we develop marketing strategies that help your established products to find entirely new directions and to smooth the way for technical innovations in the market.

"The secret of success? Be different to the others."

Woody Allen

Marketing advice and corporate analysis

By focusing on your products and listening to your customers and employees, we can expose hidden potential and show you new ways to develop and expand your own marketing excellence.

Our scientific expertise and methodical approach to marketing help us to create solutions without waste for you – from individual projects right through to cross-media campaigns with full service support. We'll generate sound content for your company and secure a customized marketing package for you.

Using customer benefits as a sales argument

Many technology companies would be more successful if they showcased the customer benefits of their products and services instead of only highlighting the features. But what exactly are the benefits? To find out, our marketing solutions always start with a solid customer benefits analysis based on the Jochen Schauenburg approach.

By using this scientifically proven process, we'll explain what your customer is really looking for. In the various departments of your company, we'll seek out values that can be translated into tangible sales arguments and position your products and services accordingly. Using advertising media and formats which are better perceived and accepted and propel your sales employees to new sales targets.

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

Albert Einstein


In the FALKATUS team, scientists, technicians and marketing professionals work jointly on processing your content, texts, graphics and imagery. With scientific precision and fresh creativity, we create customized communications solutions to reach your target group that are sound, clear and compelling.


  • Marketing consultancy
  • Communications and PR concepts (online and offline)


  • Corporate publishing and newsletters
  • Articles for trade magazines
  • Press releases (online and offline)
  • Product and image brochures
  • Trade fair videos, product videos and corporate videos


  • Events and sponsorship marketing
  • Trade fair concepts and exhibiting
  • Direct marketing campaigns

Imagery and presentation

  • Pop science illustrations, business and info graphics
  • Product presentations and technical documents
  • Sales kits and presentation systems
  • Training and e-learning systems

"If you don't have fun, you won't have any ideas."

Alan F. Shugart, entrepreneur

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